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Keith G. Wagner, APC, is a lawfirm dedicated to protecting the environment and ensuring public transparency in government. For over 13 years, Keith has represented public interest organizations and concerned citizens in administrative matters and state and federal litigation. The firm also advises clients in exercising their constitutionally reserved powers of initiative and referendum.

Keith G. Wagner, APC's, mission: promote and enforce laws protecting the natural environment and public access to government; assemble and guide project-specific legal and consulting teams tailored to acheiving our clients' specific environmental protection and public access goals and objectives; provide top shelf representation to underrepresented public environmental protection interests; and, serve the firm's clients responsibly and with sensitivity to their specific needs and goals.

Keith G. Wagner, APC, has extensive legal knowledge and practical experience in a range of legal areas including land use and planning, native plant protection, surface mining, coastal resources, endangered species, habitat protection, urban decay, water rights and water pollution, access to public records, and citizen-sponsored initiatives and referenda.

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